Finally the Muzik Mafia is back together once again. Founding member Gretchen Wilson is mostly responsible for the dynamic duo touring again.  One stop along the way is the Puyallup Fair on Monday September 19th at 7:30 PM.  We have your tickets with Cefus and Tom starting on Monday September 12th.  Below is the story on how Gretchen got John Rich and Big Kenny on the same page.

After months of speculation regarding whether Big Kenny and John Rich would ever reunite as Big & Rich again, they announced earlier this year they were hitting the road together with Gretchen Wilson for the “Xtreme Muzik” tour. And Gretchen takes full credit for the reunion. She shares a manager, Marc Oswald, with Big & Rich, and asked him to help her convince her two buddies to reunite. “I said, ‘Tell them I want them to do it for me, and that I said they have to,’” Gretchen tells the Tennessean newspaper. “I said, ‘I’ll be the sweetie between them.’” The cross-country tour includes opening acts Cowboy Troy and Two-Foot Fred.