Saturday morning as I'm getting ready to head to the Selah Community Days Parade Shaylee told her dad and I that she had a rock stuck in her ear. My husband got the flashlight out, looked inside and ... we could see what we thought was a rock.

So, after the parade Shaylee and I headed to the ER to find out if in fact she did have a rock in her ear. The doctor looked inside and sure enough ... there was a rock stuck in her ear. The doctor simply used the little tool to get ear wax out and in a matter of seconds the rock was out!

After 3 boys who never stuck things in their ears or nose, it's our daughter who gets something stuck in her ear! I asked her how she got the rock stuck in her ear and she said, "accidentally." It was on the school playground where they have pea gravel and I guess she was laying down in the gravel. We are not sure if the kids where pouring the gravel on her head or how exactly it happened? I just hope she learned her lesson!