On Friday Night before the Dierks Bentley concert at the Sundome, Gunner Jackson and Michele Mathews from the Morning Bull-Pen had the opportunity to interview Dierks on his tour bus.

Dierks calls his tour bus 'Old Goldie'.  This is his first ever tour bus, and has continued to roll this way ever since.  Dierks mentions that "other artists typically would upgrade by this point in their career", but he chooses not too.  He enjoys the 'old feel' of his bus.  Which a great milestone for 'Old Goldie', she just surpassed that One Million Mile mark!

Take a listen to the interview below.  We'll find out what Dierks' favorite thing on his tour bus is!

Interview Part One:  Michele Mathews asks about Ellen TV Show (Dierks helps Military Family) and Talks Children's Hospital.

Interview Part Two:  Gunner Jackson asks about 5-1-5-0, What he does when a single climbs the charts, and his favorite part of the tour bus.