Meet Destiny. She's a girl from Eisenhower high school who wanted to go to the Dierks Bentley show so bad, she said she'd do anything - even be handcuffed for the entire show.


She heard us saying that if anyone was desperate enough to do anything for tickets to let us know. She was at our station at 7am the day of the show and agreed to be handcuffed to her friend during the entire show. What made this more interesting was her friend was a male. I'm not sure how they worked out things like going to the bathroom, but she stayed handcuffed the whole time and enjoyed herself very much, as did he.

She even got Dierks Bentley to read her sign (the one she's holding in the picture) so Destiny, we're sorry we put you through that, but I hope you had the time of your life. You are certainly a trooper!