Summer is here and it's typically when the infamous "Class Reunion" takes place. We all know time flies when you're having fun and looking at the calendar I still can't believe I've been out of High School 10 years. My Classmates from Eisenhower High Schools class of 2002 we hangout on the weekend of August 4th. Sadly I'll be at the Watershed Music Festival enjoying three days of country music. I did fill out the survey they sent out so those attending could get a good laugh about what I'm doing these days.

So how do you prepare for your High School reunion? I guess you could start by looking through the year book, looking up names and pictures of the girls you used to like. Writing down the names of the jerks who threw you in the dumpster and reminiscing about some of the great times you had during your four years in High School.

I'm sure after you get through the awkward reintroductions it would be nice to catch up with some old friends and maybe make some new friends. After all, growing up and catching up does sound like fun and life is what you make it. I'll be interested to attend my 20 year reunion, those tend to get better attendance and everyone is pretty much settled down in their careers and families. Life is too short to not catch with the people who helped shape you. Have fun classmates!