Kids will make up stories from time to time, but what do you do with a kid who lies about everything?

I know a child who lies about everything and the parents are at their wits end! They have tried everything they can think of to get their child to stop lying.

Here are a few examples of the child lying recently -

The child was talking about a kid in class who has behavior issues. The story kept growing until the child was saying that the kid intentionally threw a pencil at their face and injured them. The parents would have gotten a phone call from the school if this story was true, so they pressed their child. The kid insisted they were telling the truth and only when the parents said that they were going to call the kids teacher did the child finally admit to lying.

The child wanted an after school snack and was given some banana bread. A few minutes later the child came back wanting another snack. The parents asked where the banana bread went and the child replied with in my tummy. The parents told the child that they could wait until dinner since they already had a snack. The child then told their parents that they didn't eat the banana bread, but had thrown it away. The parents said that they would go check to see if the banana bread was in the garbage and that's when the child admitted to really eating it.

The child gets plenty of attention and the parents have explained the story "The Boy Who Cried Wolf". Nothing seems to work on the child and the parents are worried that it could really become a bigger problem as the child gets older.

How do you get a child to stop lying?