Some of us made New Year Resolutions to lose weight, save money, get more sleep, and stop smoking or drinking.

Some of us made New Years Resolutions to be a better person and improve our relationships.

Here are 14 ways to improve your relationship in 2014 -

Set aside one night a week with no social media.
Be less negative and not such a Debbie Downer.
Spend 20 minutes of 'us' time every day after the kids are in bed.
Ask how we can make each others day better.
Enjoy the in-between moments just as much as the big ones.
More love notes and fewer to-do list.
Encourage your spouse in everything they touch in 2014.
Cook cleaner and healthier meals.
Remember that your on the same team! Work together - not against each other.
Continue to say "You are awesome!" to each other every single day.
Make your spouse the happiest ever.
Have more patience and respect.
Be more present when your with your spouse and enjoy who they are.