From the get-go, the whole story about someone stealing Justin Biebers laptop last Tuesday in Tacoma, WA wasn't sitting right to me. 

First off, why would he tweet about it?  He Tweeted, quote, "sucks when u take personal footage and people dont respect your privacy . . . yesterday during the show me and my tour manager josh had some stuff stolen. really sucks. people should respect other's property."

Then he added, quote, "i had a lot of personal footage on that computer and camera and that is what bothers me the most. #lame #norespect"

That second tweet is what sparked my suspicions...  if the laptop or computer actually had "personal footage", why say that??  Especially if you didn't want that personal footage to be seen.  Just mentioning that would send the tabloids into a frenzy to find the stuff.

And to confirm my suspicions, the news today was that the person who "stole" his laptop and video camera started a twitter page and Justin started 'following' and communicating with this guy on Twitter.  Hello!  Whenever you log into social media, it captures an IP address.  If this was a true story, Justin would not be communicating with the thief on Twitter... the cops would be making a bust.

So...  I was right.  It was a publicity stunt.  Michele and my wife need to listen to what I say more often;)

I must say though, it was a great stunt!  He got local media in Seattle, the national media and even us right here in Yakima talking about it.


Here's the official "Publicity Stunt" news story:

Justin Bieber's computer was never stolen -- and his claims that it was were nothing more than a publicity stunt for his new music video.

"yesterday during the show me and my tour manager josh had some stuff stolen ....i had a lot of personal footage on that computer," Bieber tweeted earlier this week.

A ton of websites took the tweet seriously and some blogs speculated that naked pics or a sex tape of the 18-year-old star would possibly leak. Yesterday, Justin even had to speak out saying that some nude photos that popped up online were fakes.

But today he revealed it was all a joke from the start.

"Since I was 14 i have had a lot of things said about me, from dying, to taking hormones, to dying again, to stuff about my family, to saying i had a baby with a woman i never even met. nude pics, drugs, my family, my character...but i get to be in on it," he tweeted before unveiling the music video for "Beauty and a Beat."