When Rik, Cefus and I started doing mornings about eight months ago, Cefus deemed me his "work wife."

This is due to Cefus needing someone to take care of him, remind him of things he needs to do, make sure he has food and clean up after him. Basically, he's my fifth child.

But we also have an office girl, Heather, who stops by the morning show to say hi and hang out with us.

Cefus stuck his foot in his mouth by mentioning that Heather is his second "work wife" and that I'd better behave!

I don't take kindly to being told that I'd better behave. I'm like a child who is told not to do something ... I'll do it!

"Work wife No. 2" was offended at being the runner-up or second choice, so now he has both of us upset with him!

Cefus currently has no "work wife." We'll see how long he can founder on his own. I give him a week before he comes crawling back.

Do you have a "work wife" or "work husband"? What does your real spouse think of your "work spouse"?