istockphoto[/caption]My 14 year old son, Benjamin has been playing soccer since he was 4 years old. He is a pretty decent player, has played with the same coach for 10 years and plays on a Striker team.

Lately ... he has been questioning his ability to play. He said that he doesn't think the team really needs him and that he isn't playing as well as the other players.

This took me completely by surprise! He has never felt this way or had these thoughts.

I did witness a player on his team yelling at him last weekend when he messed up. The kid did it more than once and it took all my restraint not to get out of my chair and yell at the little punk!

I don't know if this kid is part of the issue or what's going on? Is this normal for Benjamin to feel this way? Players go through slumps ... is this what he is going through?