With the Central Washington State Fair coming soon, my mouth is already beginning to water with all the great food. Foot-long corn dogs, funnel cakes, elephant years, but what's news this year? How about Deep Fried Butter?

Judy Buermann from the fair reached out and told us what food was going to be gracing our Central Washington State Fair this year. One of them that caught my eye was that Creagle Concessions is introducing Deep Fried Butter as well as ice cream. Traditionally it's served in bite-sized like in this picture shown, but have also been served in stick form as well as a 'churro' form. We'll find out for sure at the fair later this month. Other new foods to look forward to are cupcake sized cheesecakes from St. John's in the SunDome, Truly Scrumptious Bakery will be on hand with their ever-popular cupcakes and Young Life will have a new dessert item. There's isn't a name for it yet, but Judy confirms that it includes lots of whipped cream.

In case you're wondering if your favorite fair food will be back this year, most assuredly it will be. Izzy's Turkey Legs, Hawaiian Style Pan Fried Noodles from Pacific Crest Foods, Deep Fried Oreos, Twinkies and Cheesecake from Inland Empire, Kolossus Greek Gyros, and more! If you're in to the more healthy side, Midway Concessions will be on hand with deli sandwiches, salads and wraps.

What's your favorite food? Tell us in the comments below.