Instagram changed its Terms of Service on Monday, and basically said if you use their service, they can use your name and all your photos in ads . . . AND sell your photos without giving you anything.

So obviously people FREAKED OUT.  And this wasn't a "Facebook redesigned, I hate it" freak-out.  This was a "Netflix just doubled its prices, a million people are about to cancel subscriptions" freak-out.

But it looks like Instagram quickly realized they may have SABOTAGED their status as the hottest social network.  Yesterday, the co-founder wrote a blog post where he said he was "clarifying" the changes . . . but really, he was backpedaling.  FAST.

He wrote that Instagram does NOT own your photos.  They may use them as part of an advertisement, but they are NOT going to sell your photos.

Earlier this year, when Facebook bought Instagram, everyone worried bad things were coming.  And sure enough, two REALLY BAD changes hit this month.

First they stopped letting their photos show up on Twitter.  And now they've changed their Terms of Service to be shadier.  It may be time for people to start making their photos look vintage somewhere else.