Hemera[/caption]There are a few people that I will text and not get ANY response from. No ... sounds good, thanks, ok or even just a K.

What's funny is one of those people (Rik Mikals) was complaining that I text Cefus more than him. I had to set him straight! I pulled out my cell phone and read the last text I had sent to him, which was January 3rd in regards to a radio station issue. Then, I pointed out that I had not received any response from him. Not a I'll look into it, thanks, ok or even just a K. How do you know if the person even read the text unless they respond?

This irritates me to no end! To me it's basically saying that the person is to busy to acknowledge me. I think it's rude.

Isn't it the same as having a face to face conversation, but the person doesn't respond to you at all?

Am I over reacting? Is this the new normal?

Is it rude to not respond to a text?