And now, a survey to make us feel completely inadequate;)  A clothing company called Austin Reed surveyed 2,000 women to figure out the qualities that make up the "PERFECT MAN."  See how many of these criteria you meet . . .

-Physical. Six feet tall.  Muscularly toned and athletic.  Brown eyes.  Short dark hair.  Smooth chest.  Clean shaven.  Good fashion sense, but gets ready in 17 minutes or less.  Wears jeans and a v-neck sweater.

-Habits. Non-smoker.  Prefers beer over wine or cocktails.  Admits when he looks at other women.  Eats meat.

-Education, Career, Money. College degree.  Earns more than you . . . approximately $76,000-a-year.  Drives an Audi.

-Hobbies. Loves shopping.  Watches football.  Can swim and ride a bike.  Knows how to change a tire.  Has a driver's license.  Likes dramas and reality shows.

-Other Emotional Stuff. Calls his mom twice a week.  Says "I love you" only when he means it.  Is sensitive when you're upset.  Has a good sense of humor.  Wants a family.