The ability to make someones day is within us all, but it's that extra in ordinary that make people extraordinary.

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I've have two great examples of people going above and beyond to make things happen. The first of which involves a Christmas present that didn't work correctly.

I bought a mosaic clock from Pier 1 in Union Gap and gave it to someone very special as a Christmas present. When she opened the clock and took it out of the box we realized that the second hand got stuck on the first hand causing it to stall. I went to take it back and didn't have the receipt, so what did the Assistant manager do? He went and looked up all the clocks they sold over the past few month and found the origianl reciept. Awesome job right!

Since the store was sold out of clocks they did not have one to exchange it for, so he called down to the Tri-Cities store and got their floor model. When the floor model clock came in it was damaged and just by chance someone had returned a perfectly good working clock earlier that day and they held it just in case. Serendipity? I think so!

Everything worked out in the end, the clock is working and on the wall, the someone special is smiling and what could have been a less than pleasant experience was made good by people going above and beyond. Thank You Karen, Robbie and Pier 1!

The next example is the Starbucks crew at 72nd and Tieton led by Samantha Larsen. They know my drinks and always deliver the goods, that includes extra whip cream and extra sprinkles. It's people that make your day, because they care! Carry on...