During Sunday night’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice, John Rich defended country music when teammates Jose Canseco and Richard Hatch demeaned the genres’ fans. It’s been months since the confrontation took place, but seeing the argument air got John all riled up again. John said “Well you wanna tell me how ironic it is that a tax evader who’s in prison and a roid-raging rat from baseball are going to sit back there and tell me that country music fans are dumb, backward hicks? Are you serious? And they still called it country-western, by the way, which shows how stupid they really are. I mean, that really set me off.” John says he also stood up for Trace Adkins when Donald Trump tried to take responsibility for launching Trace’s career. “And I said, ‘Well, uh, actually he was multi-platinum before he came on your show. He goes, ‘No, no. Trace Adkins, he was basically no one.’ And I look at him and I said, ‘You know what? You’re right. He, he basically was no one before your show. Thank you so much for putting him on here cause now we all get to hear, hear his great voice.’ And I just totally played along with it, like Donald Trump really thinks Trace Adkins was nobody before that show.” As for Canseco and Hatch demeaning country music, John says there’s a lot that was cut out in editing. He says their comments continued but eventually Hatch apologized.