Kacey Musgraves has always been outspoken and real, and don't expect that to change in the digital era of social networking. I can relate to Kacey in the sense that so many people post mean-spirited and hateful comments on Facebook and other social-media sites. Sometimes you want to respond, but then you realize what a waste of time it would be. Still, Kacey took some time to post on her Facebook page a message to all the haters and disrespectful people who leave mean comments.

Here's what she said:

It's funny -- the amount of hate and negativity that plagues this dumbass social network. Not to rant, but, there are more mean, shallow things commented here than anyplace else I choose to share stuff with. If you're coming here for any other reason than to appreciate my music and take a little peek at what's goin' on in my world occasionally -- stay the %$*# out.

Nothing I can add to that. Love ya, Kacey. So glad you are you.