Your probably wondering why I posted this Kelly Clarkson video. Well, I've been sitting here at the radio station doing behind the scenes work and I had the chance to check out a few of the new music videos on vevo.

I watched the new Miley Cyrus video 'Wrecking Ball' and 'We Can't Stop.' I also came across this Kelly Clarkson video after I watched her new one 'Tie it Up.' It hit me after thinking how many young girls idolize certain singers like Miley and others who portray this image of 'We can do and say whatever we want.' I suppose that's true, you sure can. Trust me when I say that you can make your own choices, and trust me when you find out that you have to live with the results of certain decisions...good or bad.

I used to care a lot more about what people thought of me in terms of being liked. As I grew older I learned about the ways of the world and the different kinds of people who reside here. I've never understood why so much talent is wasted on people who can't get their stuff together. Or how people can get sucked into falling for some idiot who only wants to use them. But after watching and listening to some of today's music and the message being sent it makes more sense now.

Kelly Clarkson knows exactly who she is and you can tell by the way she presents herself on stage and through her music. I'd be willing to bet that she knows how to have fun and at the same time doesn't have to sacrifice who she is to gain acceptance from people who don't matter. Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone will admit they made a mistake and in turn learn from that mistake.

Kelly Clarkson is the example of a true artist and role model who sends the right message to a generation that needs someone to look up to. I think the difference between being a mature adult and liking the beat or sound of a song with questionable lyrics is that you take it for what it is, a form of entertainment and I like Kelly Clarkson's form.