Labor Day is on the way and workers around the country are going to get a well deserved day off. So here are a few ideas of what to do with the 3 day weekend.

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    Take a Road Trip

    Load up your cute little family and take a road trip. You've got Seattle, Spokane, Portland and if you want to get real adventuress you could go to the Oregon coast. Are we there yet?

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    Get caught up on laundry

    I don't know about you but it seems like I'm always behind on chores. Laundry usually gets done when I'm on my last pair of something or I need things to wear. Take the extra day to get caught up on household things.

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    Have a Yard sale

    Clean out the closet and have a yard sale. Make some money and then go shopping on your day off.

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    Throw a BBQ for your closest friends

    Invite a bunch of friends over to hang out and enjoy the day weekend. Order up!

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    Go to the Farmer's Market or a fruit stand

    Living in the Yakima Valley we get to enjoy the best fruit and vegetables in the world. Fresh and tasty, so you might want to take your day off to stock up on fresh produce. Yummy!

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