We guys aren't the most observant and sometimes we need things written down and repeated before we actually retain the information. One of the worlds greatest mysteries is the mind of a woman. Here is some insight from Woman's Health Magazine about the "average woman" and her behavior. At least you'll know what you should expect.

  • 78% of woman plan to hit the gym in the morning, but decide against it when the alarm goes off.
  • 73% would rather make "safe" decisions than take chances
  • Number one person she consults before making a hard decision: MOM
  • 52% of females try on more than one outfit in the a.m.
  • 65% of females feel physically ill when they think they've made a bad choice.
  • 47% of females who call the shots in bed.
  • 66% of females make impulse buys.
  • 9% of females have broken an engagement.