One of my friends this picture with me. It immediately brought back memories of buying our Halloween costume in a box with character smock and plastic mask that you could barely breath through.

To me, this is what Halloween costumes were. No way could I construct any of the Halloween costumes we have today, complete with flashing lights and moving parts. Sure, those are cool, but those people get just as much candy as the kids wearing an E.T. mask that I bought at a local drug store on sale.

One thing that was great about this style of Halloween costume was that you could wear your winter coat underneath it. Too many costumes today don't allow for that so for us here in the bitter chill of autumn you may dress like Super Mario or or Optimus Prime, but you're dressing up like that character wearing a coat.

Anyways, I thought I'd share this and give you some great flash-back memories from a simpler time.