We asked you yesterday on Facebook if you had any famous relatives in your family tree and got some great answers. Now I need to work on verifying some of these. How cool would it be to find out you're related to Country Music Legend Garth Brooks? I need to ask Lisa Butler...We may need the hookup on some tickets to his show at the Wynn! LOL

Keiza Falcon: Ron delrome :) hockey player for the cunucks back in the day
Christina Wyant: famous, or infamous? :)
Peyton Pruneda: Great great great great grandfather was Chief of an Indian tribe.
Rhonda Zimmermann Vargas: Distant cousin Bob Dylan.... And the VERY first women that swam the English channel and Ethel Merman
Katy Carver: My great grandma was the first ever female inducted into the Ellensburg Rodeo Hall of Fame.
Susan Rapp: Heinz 57. No, really!
Chance Dexter: Pioneer Daniel Boone
Lisa Butler: Garth brooks :)
Peyton Pruneda: Lisa your related to garth brooks?! How come you never told me that?!
Jamie Gonzalez Downing: General Douglas McArthur
Susan Whitman: Presidents Bush
Jessica Brown Garcia: Burt Reynolds and Princess from StarWars: Katie and Owner from the MARS candy company
Tiffany Sweezea: Distant cousin, Patrick swayze may he rest in peace
Marena Kanzler: ‎:-) my long ago grandapa invented the gatling gun :-)
Leslie Stump: Fred Oldfield, western artist, is my uncle...
Jose Aparicio: Luis Aparicio....played shortstop in the MLB for 18 seasons 1956-1973
Courtney Selvidge-Hozjan: the dalton gang (:
Tiffanie Logan: Tanya Tucker *wish we were close cousins, dang* lol mark twain, and Gen Robert E. Lee.
Sara Elizabeth: Traub My distant cousin invented the television; Philo Taylor Farnsworth:)
Frankie Meyerriecks: according to my moms family tree Anthony Michael Hall from weird science is a distant cousin
Carissa Clark: my dads 6th cousin is jesse james the outlaw
Nathan Voyles: Brad voyles mlb pitcher for few years in late 90s early 2000s
Jasmine Estes: Jessie James :)
Joe Cort: I wonder how many of these are just parents telling stories?!
Tony Andrews: Soon to be father in law... Art Crews... Professional Wrestler aka Blonde Bomber and Kansas Cowboy, wrestled with Andre the Giant to name one.
Brice Evan Fisher: Yes, Larry Hovis (he wrote Hogans Heros and was an actor too) he is my 3rd cousin!!
Rebecca L Robinson: George Washington's wife and Princess Diana
Rebecca L Robinson: That should be Diana
Aaron Fowler: Distant relation to Glenn Campbell and Brigham Young.
Lorrie Gatewood: My gdaughter is related to kurt cobain ...have someone who helped with the surrender of geronimo
Coyote Bob's Casino: Gentleman Jim Corbett.
Trudy Bell: Wilson If I told you then I would have to. . .
Cathy Stein: Mickey Rooney was my grandfathers cousin. On other side the dalton gang were related to hmmm strange family
Terry Rew: Yep related to Bell Star. Her real name was Bell Shirley have the family tree to prove it along with my grandfather who was a long time fugitive from Odessa TX. Calvin Baze