If you're looking to make a few extra bucks for a job that's seriously easier than flipping burgers or greeting people as they come in to your store (not that there's anything wrong with those jobs) We're hiring for an extra body or two that can help us out behind the scenes.

The position is someone we call a 'Board Op' and everyone you hear on the radio has been in this position before. In fact, many of them still do this, only you may not know it. A board op (short for 'soundboard operator') is the guy/girl who makes sure the audio is coming in to the radio station and out to everyone's radios. You'll also be responsible for hitting a button every so often. So if you're great at video games or can microwave like nobody's business, this is for you!

In order to answer as many of your questions as possible up front:

  • The pay is minimum wage
  • The hours are whenever we need you. You'll be someone we can call to ask "Hey, can you be here so we can pay you to listeners to the Seahawks game?"
  • It's not necessarily as seasonal job. Again, we'll call and ask if you can, but the more available you are the better.
  • Mostly weekend shifts but there may be an occasional weekday if you can help
  • You won't need to talk into a microphone
  • No experience is needed, we'll train you.
  • Must be 16 years or older.

When it comes the most commonly asked question "do I get free stuff for working at the radio station?", the honest answer is "maybe." Not all the time, but every once in a while you may get a free pair of tickets for food certificates 'just because'.

If you're still interested you may pick up and fill out a job application here at our studios - 4010 W. Summitview Ave in Yakima. You can also print off the application here and bring it in.

Job Application - Click Here