May 4 is just another day to most people. But to those like myself who idolize Han Solo and dream of leading a rebel strike force against Jar Jar Binks, it's something far more significant.



It's Star Wars Day. Searches on the Web for the holiday have already hit astronomical heights.

So, what happens today? Well, instead of saying "May the Force be with you," devotees of George Lucas say, "May the fourth be with you." You know, 'cause it's May the 4th. Get it? Think of it as a secret handshake among the hardest of the hardcore Star Wars nerds, er, fans.

"Star Wars Day" isn't an official holiday (sadly, you still have to go to work). It's not even the actual day when the movie opened -- that would be May 25, 1977. According to a story on ABC News, the idea for the day was born by accident back in 2005 when German news TV channel N24 mistakenly translated George Lucas' famous quote as "We are with you on May 4."

News of the geeky holiday is creating a disturbance in the Search box. Web lookups for "star wars day" and "may the fourth be with you" are both roaring through hyperspace. Also, related lookups on "star wars movies," "star wars comics,"and "star wars quotes" are all perennially popular.

Nerdy? No doubt about it, young Jedi. But who doesn't love nerding out every once in a while? Just think of Star Wars Day as a day of much-needed harmony for a war-torn galaxy far, far away.

On Star Wars Day:

  • R2D2 and C-3PO get along rather than bicker like an old married couple.
  • Princess Leia is a bit more patient with that "walking carpet" named Chewbacca.
  • Darth Vader cuts his subordinates a break, Jabba gets an extra-special dessert, and the Millennium Falcon finally gets that long-needed tune-up.

It's Star Wars Day, guys. Grab the nearest Wookie and party.