Talk About Supersizing it. 25,000 Big Macs. Put a smile on Ronald's face!

Tuesday was the 39th anniversary of Don Gorske’s of Fond du Lac, Wiscousin had his first chomp into a Big Mac at the McDonald’s and 25,000 Big Macs later!

Owner Dave Rause said that he woke up on Tuesday morning and thought, “Don did it.”  

 He said, that Don Gorske is the perfect customer.

 “As a business, we’re exceptionally lucky to have a customer like Don,” Rause said. “He’s just an exceptional guy and a sweet, sweet man. He’s also a Big Mac enthusiast. When you have a customer who’s enthusiastic about your product, it’s a great thing.

 “You hear a lot of bad news. Then you have a guy like Don who does something interesting from a human standpoint.”

Just before the event of eating his 25,000th burger, Gorske walked around Fond du Lac’s first McDonald’s to pass out free meal cards and shake the hands of his friends and admirers to mark celebration.