Miranda Lambert is featured in the February issue of Redbook magazine on newsstands now.

Miranda gives Redbook a candid conversation about her husband, Blake Shelton—featured on the ‘Hot Husbands’ issue of Redbook.

Miranda says “Blake is a Hot Husband to her because he is a real man’s man.” “He’s not one of those girly guys at all! He’s definitely a country boy, and what you see is what you get.”
She also admits “he’s not-so-hot when he’s at home and wears camo over and over again without washing it.”

Miranda let Redbook know that Blake does have a soft side and takes care of her well. “Well, one time when I was sick, he went into town and brought me some flowers and chicken noodle soup and crackers. I’ll never forget it.  On Valentine’s Day, he’ll take me out on the boat and we’ll just relax and have fun together. That’s much more our thing.”

The one word Miranda says best describes Blake:  “I would say personality. He lights up a room. Seriously, he is the life of every party he goes to.”