Today’s Major League Baseball stars can easily command yearly salaries in the double digit millions.

However, have you ever wondered what the guys who call the shots on the diamond, the umpires, make a year?

According to Major League Baseball umpires get around $120,000 a year when they start out in the big leagues, and senior umps can earn upwards of $300,000.

Between spring training, a 162-game schedule, and the postseason, being a MLB ump is a job that takes up most of the year.  They are, however, well-cared for while on the road.

Each ump gets a $340 per diem to cover hotel and food, and when they fly, it’s always first class.  Working a full postseason can tack on an extra $20,000, plus expenses.

They also get four weeks of paid vacation during the regular season.  So it’s no wonder that the guys that get these jobs hang onto them.

On average, there’s only one opening for a new big league ump each season.