Before/After of Tia[/caption]My sons 14 year old cat Tia, who is old and grumpy does not take care of her fur. The groomer that I usually take her to charges me extra when she is a bad girl, she bites the groomer. I heard about Mr. Meow who is said to be "the cat whisperer".

Mr. Meow has a special ball that he places on the cats head. It doesn't hurt the cat and protects Mr. Meow. Tia did freak out at first, but Mr. Meow just held her tight until she calmed down. Once she was calm he went to work. It was amazing because at some point he just held up her back leg and she was fine with it! No freaking out!

Mr. Meow not only grooms them, but he bathes them and clips their nails. My other groomer would not bathe them and she definitely did not do as good a job as Mr. Meow. Plus, my old groomer would have the cat all day, which stresses them out. Mr. Meow takes about an hour.

Call Mr. Meow to set up an appointment for your cat 941-1386 or visit his website

Mr. Meow working his magic.
Tia with the ball that keeps her from biting Mr. Meow.
Tia losing the battle.
Tia After
Mr. Meows battle wounds from Tia.