Gunner and I brought our 7th grade yearbook's yesterday. Gunner went to school over on the west side, but I went to school right here in the valley at Naches. I see a lot of the people that I went to school with because now our kids go to Naches. So, this had me worried!

I didn't realize that in the yearbook was a blue heart around a boy, (a lot of boys had blue hearts) and the boy had written this, "Baby - I love you very much. 4 ever your the best girl I've ever had in my life. Love Always, Jason Jefferson."

Gunner started reading this and at first I thought he was making it, but no!

I don't remember ever being boyfriend and girlfriend. I wasn't very popular and Jason was, so this made me think it's a joke. You know how cruel kids can be.

It was still fun to look through them even it was a little embarrassing!