Saturday I was treated to a wonderful day at the Belu Salon here in Yakima. When I stepped into the salon I couldn't believe how trendy it was and at the same time it felt comfortable and inviting. I was greeted with smiles and immediately felt welcome.

I was whisked off to the "Color Bar", which is were they mix up and apply your hair color. Randy, my stylist, asked me what I would like done to my hair. I told her as long as she keeps the length that I didn't mind what she did. She seemed excited about this and grabbed the color book! We decided on all blonde on top with a violet/red color underneath. My hair normally is a "dishwater" blonde, but I have it colored to add life to it. This was REALLY going to add color to it!!

As Randy is coloring my hair, Nichole the massage therapist began to give me a paraffin dip for my hands. Then, she started to massage them and it was awesome!!

After my color, Randy took me over to start cutting away at my hair. As she is doing everything she explains why she does it, what products she uses, and how to style my hair myself.

Next up, is make up with Christine. We decide on something different and go with a smokey eye. Christine does the same as Randy and explains what each product is and how it helps.

I felt so pampered and looked HOT!! When I arrived at home Shaylee told me that I looked like a rock star!! I have found my hair home and would recommend Randy to all my friends. Guys ... if you want to spoil your lady then I would treat her to a service at Belu Salon!

Belu Salon is our Alive @ 5 this Thursday from 5 to 8pm at 32 N. 2nd Street. It's going to be a Vegas - Style Paul Mitchell hair show with Christine Lafond performing live. Christine is the voice of Jasmine from Disney's Aladdin. Food and drinks provided by Jackson's and it's $5 to get in the door.