A few weeks ago my son left his iPhone in the boys bathroom during lunch at Naches Valley High School. Once he realized it was missing he looked in the bathroom and his phone was gone. He checked with the office to see if it had been turned in and nope!

He used his school iPad to track his phone with the app find my iPhone. The app showed his phone at Applewood Park at 1:53pm. School was still in session, so we figured who ever took the phone had left school. We informed the principal in the hopes that they could figure out which kid had left school. The principal did some investigating and the only kid that left school went to the doctor. It was a dead end.

We thought it was lost and that we would never recover it. My son did set up the find my iPhone to notify him once the phone was turned on or charged. It will also notify the person who has the phone with a message that will include our phone number once they turn it on.

Yesterday my son got an email notifying him that his phone had been turned on Monday night at 10:08pm and it had an exact address! He took that address to the school office, so they could match the address with a kid. They made a match and called the kid into the office to question him. He totally denied it!

The school called to notify me and I freaked out! I was worried that this kid would destroy the phone once he got home!

I called the Sheriff's office to ask for a Sheriff escort to the kids house. Obviously, they can't give me an escort, but I wanted them to be aware that I was going to this kids house when he got out of school. The dispatcher told me multiple times, "I strongly advise that you not go to the house." After arguing with her that I was going to the kids house she finally said that she would get an deputy on it as soon as she could.

Within 10 minutes a deputy called to get the details and said that he would do his best to be at the kids house when he got off the school bus.

Waiting was torture for me, since the kid only lived right down the road!

The Sheriff called with great news he had the iPhone!

The kid had taken out some of the screws and lifted the screen. The screen was a little off, so we took it to the urgent iCare Clinic. Joel took a look at it and got the screen to sit back in place.

A big thank you to Sheriff Deputy Jim Fry and Joel Hart at the iCare Clinic located in Selah at 5 N. 1st street.