Thinking of repainting your bedroom? I mean, who doesn't love a project that sounds pretty simple but ends up 15 times more time consuming and frustrating than you expected, right?

Anyway, a new study has ranked 10 bedroom paint colors by how they affect your SLEEP and your MOOD.

The study found people with BLUE walls average the most sleep, seven hours and 52 minutes per night. Blue isn't just calming . . . the color blue triggers special receptors in our eyes that aid our body's natural sleep rhythms.

PURPLE walls are the worst for sleep, at five hours and 56 minutes. Purple is a stimulating color that makes it tougher for your brain to shut down.

Brown came in second-to-last, at six hours and five minutes of sleep . . . but that might be because people in brown bedrooms have the most sex. People in red bedrooms have the least . . . even though red is supposed to be sexy.

Here are all 10 bedroom colors, ranked from most sleep to least sleep: Blue, yellow, green, silver, orange, red, gold, gray, brown, and purple.