I had the privilege of meeting with General David Petraeus in March of 2010. He was staying at the same Washington DC hotel and I noticed a large number of Army officials wandering around. I struck up conversation in the hotel elevator with a Major who at the time just happened to be Petraeus' scheduler. She noticed my name tag and said "You work for the Mayor?" I said no, I am the Mayor. She thought I was joking based on my youthful appearance. I asked her what she did in the Army and she said she was a scheduler. I asked for who and she was reluctant to say, so she responded with "I schedule for a General." I asked her which one and she said General Petraeus. I was halfway joking when I said why don't you schedule me a meeting with him. She paused and said "I'll ask him if he would like to meet with you." We exchanged info and she said she would be in touch. I'm sure I had to go through a background check when she asked for my social security number. I thought my chances of actually meeting him were pretty slim since he was testifying in front of a congressional committee that day, not to mention the fact that he was in charge of central command at the time. She first asked if I would like to go on a jog with him, but I knew I wasn't in shape for that so I said no thank you. She emailed me and said to meet back at the hotel in 30 minutes and I would be screened and then brought up to the meeting area.

After I was screened I waited for a good twenty minutes until the elevator opened and out walked General Petraeus. He was very gracious and seemed interested in what I had to say. We had a five to ten minute conversation about Yakima and a few current world problems and then took a few pictures. He was a very down to earth person and I knew he had a reputation for running a very tight ship. That is why this scandal surprises me and the rest of the world. I will be following this story to it's conclusion and I hate to see someone of his stature who has done so much good and served our country for so many years go out like this. I do respect the fact he owned up and resigned and took responsibility for his actions instead of lying or trying to cover it up. The truth always comes out, sooner or later and no one wants to be played a fool like so many couples in America. I can understand why his wife is more than furious because she's forever tied to him and this story in every way.

The other thing I don't get/like is the crazy amount of press this story has received. I understand a joke or two but late night America has zero respect for him or his family or his privacy. I guess that's the price you pay for making a huge mistake in a position of leadership. He is no different than anyone else in America who's made a mistake like this and I do agree that people in any position of power should be held to a higher standard. This scandal goes to show you that one mistake big or small can wipe out everything you've build in long illustrious career no matter what you did or who you are! I'm ready for the truth to come out and for this story to fade into American history like so many others.