I don’t get asked for my two cents’ worth every day, so I guess I should feel complimented by the bill that arrived in the mail this week.

The phone company, the invoice inside the envelope informed me, wants two more pennies than I paid them for last month's remittance.

It’s no big deal — I should be able to cover it. I can see 59 cents from my lunch change scattered across my desk right now. But really?

They're willing to spend — what is it, 49 cents now? — on postage, plus whatever it cost for someone to stuff that envelope just to collect two more cents?

I know, these are days when we're all pinching pennies. Still, pinching is one thing, clawing  is another. Couldn’t they have just added it on to next month's bill or something?

I’m no telecommunications executive, but it sure seems counterproductive to spend a dollar to collect a couple of pennies.

Meantime, maybe the guys who mint our coins should just replace that profile of Abraham Lincoln with a thumbprint from the phone company's CEO.