The First EVER Pirate Plunder adventure race is this Sunday in Yakima at Pirtate's Landing which is right next to K-Mart on your way to HWY 24. I've seen these fun adventure races all over the State and I'm glad Yakima is creating their own that has a totally different theme than the other races. Here are details on how you can get signed up. Click here to register!

The 2012 year marks the first installment of the Pirate Plunder Adventure Race which is a 4+ mile obstacle course race that combines ever-changing terrain with 15+ obstacles to test your strength, stamina, and love of mud. You’ll climb over walls up to 12’ high, crawl through a 40’ long mud pit, slide down a 30’ water slide, battle through tires, and face many other challenges all while running through a combination of fields, mud, and sand pits!

Once completed, participants are greeted with a cold beverage, live music, and great food! This race is a great way to get you, your friends, and family away from the TV, off the couch, and covered in mud, so come on out and see if you’re worthy of the name “Pirate” or are you just another “Scallywag” in line to “Walk the Plank”!