Once again, Pizza Hut has managed to come up with a CRAZY new innovative pizza.  And once again, inexplicably, the pizza isn't being offered to us, the hungriest country in the world.

Pizza Hut Singapore just rolled out the Double Sensation Pizza . . . which is a small pizza surrounded by a large pizza.

The inner pizza is covered in smoked chicken and zucchini, and has a crust stuffed with sausage.  Then the larger pizza baked around it is covered in ham, bell peppers, and mushrooms.  The outer crust is stuffed with three types of cheese.

They're selling the pizza this month only, and a medium costs $21.75.

As usual, it doesn't seem like they have any plans to sell this in the U.S.

That falls in line with all of the amazing other pizzas they've made for other countries this year like a cheeseburger stuffed pizza in the Middle East and a pizza with a crust stuffed with hotdogs in Thailand, Japan, and the U.K.