I was a little surprised when my two morning show partners told me they had never tried Fireball Whisky. Michele Matthews, who I know drinks more than Rik Mikals told me she tried it for the first time this past weekend at a birthday party. She had it chilled, which is one of the best ways to have enjoy Fireball. There are also a number of recipes I found at fireballwhisky.com that you can use to mix up the party.

One recipe, which was submitted by an online guest made me laugh. It's called the 'Anger Badger' and it's kind of a play on words of the Honey Badger. Here are the ingredients to the drink.

Angry Badger
A shot from the angles

1 part Fireball Whisky
1 part honey whiskey
Mix equal portions of Fireball and honey whiskey into a shot glass and sip responsibly.

Glass Type: Shot glass
Taste: Cinnamon honey comb
Contributor: Mykel W.

One other point I should make is the fact that Florida Georgia Line give a shout out to the tasty beverage in their smash hit "Round Here.' The line goes..."and that fireball whiskey whispers temptation in my ear" but it sounds a lot better when they sing it so I included the music video for your viewing pleasure. Now that Michele has discovered Fireball I have a feeling she may be spending more time with her spicy friend.