Time to send Clint Eastwood around the country to remind all the young punks it's not cool to rip on Detroit anymore.  Because they haven't gotten the message.

Public Policy Polling just released a survey that ranked 21 of America's biggest cities from most to least popular, and Detroit came in LAST.

Only 22% of people surveyed had a favorable opinion of Detroit . . . and 49% had an unfavorable opinion.  That negative-27% difference was the worst in the country.

Only two other cities also had more negative than positive opinions.  Oakland finished with a negative-18% difference and Los Angeles finished with a negative-7% difference.

Seattle finished as the most popular city in the country.  57% had a positive opinion and 14% had a negative one, for a 43% difference.  Portland, Oregon was second-most popular with a 40% difference between positive and negative.

After Seattle and Portland, Boston came in third, then Atlanta, Phoenix, Dallas, New York, New Orleans, and Houston.