There's a new list out of the pro sports teams who are RUNNING OUT OF FANS.  And it makes one thing clear:  Fair weather fans make or break your attendance.

The list is based on how much each team's attendance has declined over the past decade.  It covers the four major sports in the U.S.:  Baseball, the NFL, the NBA and ice hockey.

And NINE of the 13 teams on the list are in the bottom 10 in their respective leagues, for their win-loss record over the past decade.  When the team starts losing, clearly the attendance starts dropping.  Those are the fair-weather fans.

Here's the full list of 13 teams running out of fans . . .

#13.)  Miami Dolphins, NFL.  Down 17.1%.  This is the only NFL team on the list.

#12.)  Milwaukee Bucks, NBA.  Down 19%.

#11.)  Washington Wizards, NBA.  Down 19.1%.  Ten years ago, MICHAEL JORDAN was there finishing his career.

#10.)  Columbus Blue Jackets, NHL.  Down 19.2%.

#9.)  Baltimore Orioles, MLB.  Down 19.7%.  Even though they FINALLY just got good again, the fans haven't fully come back.

#8.)  New York Mets, MLB.  Down 22%.

#7.)  Detroit Pistons, NBA.  Down 22.3%.

#6.)  Oakland Athletics, MLB.  Down 22.6%

#5.)  Dallas Stars, NHL.  Down 23.2%.

#4.)  Arizona Diamondbacks, MLB.  Down 32%.  They'd just won a World Series ten years ago.

#3.)  Houston Astros, MLB.  Down 36.1%.

#2.)  Cleveland Indians, MLB.  Down 38.7%.

#1.)  Seattle Mariners, MLB.  Down 51.4%.