have you ever seen the movie "Kick Ass" well this looks like life imitating art! Seattle’s self-proclaimed superhero known as Phoenix Jones was arrested early Sunday, accused of assaulting several people with pepper spray after they left a nightclub. The masked crime fighter says he feels “betrayed” by Seattle police but he remains undeterred from his personal crime fighting mission. “I’m getting a new super suit…shipped to me, and I plan on being on patrol soon,” the 23-year-old said. Police took Jones’ black-and-gold armored suit and mask when they arrested him. Jones, who has patrolled Seattle’s streets with a colorful band of masked men and women since 2010, said he was simply breaking up a fight. Police claimed he pepper sprayed a group of men and women who’d been “dancing” in the street. Jones posted a shaky video of the incident online, which didn’t do much to clarify the confusing altercation.