We wanted to do something nice on May Day, and thanks to Gasperetti's Floral we were able to brighten the day of a deserving Yakima woman.

Kim Hawkins left this note on our Facebook page:

My grandma is Bonnie Anderson. She is 86 years old on May 1st! she's bed bound and has been for over 5 years now. She is in a nursing home, but she never complains about how little we come to visit or that none of our family from the other parts of the state come to see her. She is waiting for the lord to call her home patiently so she can be reunited with my grandpa, her one true love. Because she hasn't seen flowers outside, and it's her birthday she deserves a beautiful floral arrangement:)

Grandma Bonnie and the Morning Bull Pen

Oh my gosh she's outside! Thank you! I haven't seen her outside in years, or even in her chair in at least 5 years! I bet she was so happy! I'm going to call her right now!