My son, Mathew's Naches Valley High School Band program was last night.

After the kids performed the band teacher handed out certificates and letters to kids who had been in band for 2 years without missing games, practices and competitions. I wasn't sure if Mathew would get a letter. He's been in band for over 2 years and has never missed a practice, game or competition. So I'm sitting there thinking he could get a letter. Then, the band teacher calls a girls name that I know has missed practices and games. So now, I'm thinking he is definitely getting a letter. I get my camera ready .... and before I know it the band teacher is saying, "give these kids a big applause."

What? Wait! Why didn't my son earn a letter?

When we got home I asked Mathew why he didn't get a letter. He said, "I didn't fill out the paperwork." I was not happy to hear this! He went on to say that he could get it next year and it really wasn't a big deal to him whether he got his letter.

Not a big deal!!! Well I was very upset that he did not get his letter, but he seemed perfectly fine with it.

Should I have been that upset?