What's going on?

Happy New Card
Is It Okay To Send Out A New Year's Card Instead Of A Christmas Card?
Added benefits?
What do you think, singles: Should friends with benefits exchange gifts -- or is that pushing things too far?
Giving the wrong message?
If a guy gives his wife or girlfriend a makeover for Christmas, is he sending a signal that'll get him in trouble?
We'll leave the lights on
Miss out on the lighted parades around the valley? Don't worry -- three events (including ANOTHER lighted parade) coming up this weekend should put you in the holiday spirit.
Can they be FB friends?
What if your significant other doesn't want to "friend" you? That's what's happening to one local woman -- anyone have any advice for her?
Here's your chance!
The Yakima SunKings dance team is holding tryouts this weekend -- step up if you're interested!
Naches celebrates the season
Community's annual Christmas Night in Naches is this Wednesday. Come see Santa and win a bike -- or some cash!
What makes the cut?
A new survey found that pumpkin isn't America's favorite Thanksgiving pie anymore. So we've decided to take a survey of our own ...
Pay phones still pay
Apparently the few that remain are collecting some serious coin. We can't think of too many places around Yakima that still have them, though -- can you?
Perks of the job
Meeting Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood backstage was a life highlight for this DJ.
Too soon?
Everybody loves Christmas music, right? But before Thanksgiving? We haven't even finished up the Halloween candy yet!