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Keep Your Family Healthy This Thanksgiving!
Are you in charge of cooking this Thanksgiving? If you are, we want you to take all precautions in keeping your family healthy and free from diseases that come along with uncooked turkeys.
Bale Breaker Brewing Unveiled New Can Designs
Bale Breaker Brewing in Moxee has unveiled new can designs. According to an email sent to their email club subscribers: "After 5 years in the craft beer game, we're cleaning house and introducing new cans to our fans."
Let's Talk Christmas Trees
In the spirit of Christmas Jr. Month, let's talk about Christmas trees. I bet you are in a debate about a real tree vs. a fake tree, right?
Last Chance To Get Old Dominion Tickets Before You Can Buy Them!
It's your last chance to get Old Dominion Tickets before you can buy them!! If you come to Fred Meyers parking lot today from 11AM - 1PM and bring a donation for Cheyenne's Winter Clothing Drive you can enter in to win Old Dominion tickets!! I will be drawing a winner on Friday at 1:30PM!!…
Local Automotive Shops Gives Back to Yakima Vets
These days most of us are affected by Veterans Day one way or another. If you don't have a family member who has served, you probably have a classmate who is serving. And now a Selah automotive shop is thanking our veterans in a BIG way!
Big Concert Announcement Tomorrow Morning!!
We've got a big concert announcement for you tomorrow morning! Let's just say it's a big tour & it's a concert you'll want to see:) All will be revealed tomorrow in the Morning Bullpen with Gunner & Cheyenne at 7:30am.
Would You Try This Clear Traditional Dessert?
My brain is on overload right now trying to figure out how this clear -- as in see-through -- traditional fall dessert tastes without having its signature color! Owners and patrons say its a total sensory experience. I can see how that could be, because I have not tried it but just looking at it is …
Save Money On Things You Never Thought About!
When it's time to save money, it's easy to head to our "go-to" stores like Walmart or Target and reach for the off-rand things we need. However, here are a few items you probably never thought about getting cheaper at a store like ... the Dollar Store!
Honoring Our Veterans
The Morning Bull Pen would like to do something a little different this year for Veterans day. It is very important to us here on The bull to honor those to put their lives on the line for the freedoms that we have.