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Can Your Employer MAKE You Eat Healthier?
One of my friends works for a company that recently swapped out the traditional vending machine and replaced it with machines that only have healthy food.
Watch As A Bobcat Battles A Rattlesnake!
Somebody in a car filmed a bobcat trying to kill a rattlesnake on a sidewalk. The snake defends itself with several quick strikes but who wins?! One definitely does. Check it out!
Humane Society Pet Vaccine and Microchip Clinic is Saturday
The Yakima Humane Society is taking its low-cost vaccine and microchip offsite clinic on the road! They are headed to Sunnyside this Saturday (April 7) at Central Park, 559 S. Fourth St., from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
No appointment is necessary and everyone is welcome...
ICYMI: Gunner & Michele's Peep Challenge
It seems only necessary to do something with Peep's around Easter time. Gunner & Michele challenged each other to see who can shove the most Peep's in their mouth.