A user on the website Reddit asked fast food workers if they could name any item on their restaurant's menu they'd NEVER order . . . and why.  It got a TON of responses.  Here are some highlights.  Hope you're not hungry.

McDonald's Chicken Nuggets. Some of the most disgusting stories focused on McNuggets, including one guy who says he once left a bag of 100 nuggets out for too long and they somehow MELTED INTO A LIQUID.

Wendy's Chili. The meat comes from hamburgers that were on the grill too long.  Those go in the fridge, then eventually get chopped up for the chili.

Ice. Employees at plenty of different chains said the drink machines are tough to clean and keep mold-free . . . and when they clean, their priorities are the more visible areas.

Anything at Subway that looks bad. Subway employees all seemed to agree the quality of your food depends on the restaurant.  If the food colors don't look right, if the floor's a mess, if it smells . . . you're at a bad Subway.

Watch out especially for the tuna, seafood salad, and chicken at those Subways.

Grilled Chicken. Employees from McDonald's, Wendy's, Subway, and Burger King said they've seen the grilled chicken breasts slathered in margarine to keep them from sticking . . . or defrosted in vats of hot water.

Five Guys large fries. This is for a completely different reason than the rest.  Employees say the difference in how many fries you get in the large versus the smaller size isn't very much . . . so save your money.