When you meet that special someone there is only one thing to do...lock it down and that requires an engagement ring. As the brilliant super bowl halftime singer Beyonce once said "If you like it then you should have put a ring on it." I tend to agree with that statement, but shopping for one can be a whole different ball game.

The first rule you should know is that you need to shop on a budget. The industry standard is to spend two months salary (too bad for my future fiance I work in radio.)

The next rule is that the jewelers who tell you the price of the ring is tied to the love you share with your future wife most likely work on commission. Buy what your budget says you can afford, and upgrade 5 to 10 years later.

Bring your sweetheart with you. It may take the initial element of surprise out of it but she will love you for it. Just get an idea of what she likes and then take her Mom or best friend along when you seal the deal.

Have the ring inspected and insured. This is a major purchase that you hopefully only have to make once. The cost is minimal to have it insured and if something happens, she loses it, the diamond falls out, or the dog eats it you will be able to get it replaced for the cost of a deductible.

Oh and the last thing is something future country legend Dierks Bentley said in a song...Diamonds Make Babies. Just sayin! Good luck in love and ring shopping. Just make sure you know it's right in your heart and soul, there are some people who don't take marriage seriously and cheat or betray the bond without even blinking. Then you'll be singing or listening to the song from Dierks tour mate Miranda called "Dear Diamond."