Maybe I should've listened to you. Now, Karma, is here.

Like most teenagers, I had braces. I was super excited to get them and couldn't wait to finally have straight teeth! Well a year and a half later I got what I wanted. Nice, straight teeth and a super cool glow-in-the-dark retainer.

Except, there was one problem, I didn't wear my retainer like I was supposed to. My parents, in true parental fashion, warned me that if I didn't wear them like I was supposed would all be for nothing.

Did I listen? No, I was a teenager I had more important things to do. Fast-forward to college, when I started noticing my smile wasn't looking quite the same. My teeth were shifting. I panicked and tried to wear my retainer. Too late.

Now, at 27, I want my perfect smile back. So I decided to get Invisalign. Everything is great, and I'm excited for the results, however, I'm the one that's paying for them now. AWESOME.

Why didn't I just listen!!

Oh well, lesson learned. I'm sure at the end of my treatment I'll be happy I did it, in the meantime I'll take in all that Karma has to offer. Including talking on the radio with a lisp....

Credit: Townsquare Media / Zizly