FIFA World Cup fever has been rampant in my house since the very first match on June 12 with Brazil facing Croatia.

As I was sitting watching that very first game I was shocked at the players who would fall down and grimace as if they were hurt badly when it was obvious that they were not.

My son, Benjamin, has been knocked in the head with a soccer ball with such force that he flipped over backward. Did he roll around on the ground in pain? Of course not! He popped right back up, shook his head a little and kept playing.

Granted ... I was in the stands freaking out.

I asked Benjamin why the players on TV were faking being hurt.

He told me that it's called "the flop" and that they do it to sway the refs. Most of the time, he said, the ref rules in favor of players who flop.

I asked him why he doesn't flop in his games. He said, "Mom, please. We are tough and not wimps."

Flopping is something that the USA men's team has had to learn to do a little more of, but they don't do it nearly as much as the other teams.

I don't know about you, but the flop irritates me!