A new survey is telling us what the cut-off ages are for things we wear, say and do.

After taking a look at the cut-off ages, what's the point in living past 35! You can't wear, say or do anything fun or young!

Here are a few of the things on the list:

You can't get a tattoo past the age of 31.
Don't end a text or email to a stranger with a kiss past 35.
You can't use short-forms like LOL past 29.
You can't use emoticons in texts and tweets past the age of 26.
Guys shouldn't wear baseball hats past the age of 32.
You shouldn't wear a bikini past the age of 48.
Guys shouldn't have a goatee past the age of 34.
You shouldn't wear high heels past the age of 34.
You shouldn't watch reality TV past the age of 31.

The poll, reported in today's Daily Mail, surveyed 1,000 Brits ages 18 to 70 -- 500 men and 500 women. Just based on that knowledge I'm gonna say this survey does not apply to us in the good ol' USA!

Is there something we wear, say and do that you think should have a cut-off age?